Authors: Lim Chong Ewe and Feng Min

Research Article

Year: 2021, Volume 21 Number 4

Pages: 148 – 158


To respond to the increasing demand for Chinese language teachers in Thailand, Hanban, a non-governmental, public organization affiliated with the Chinese Ministry of Education, has employed many Chinese teachers on a voluntary basis. Weighing on this matter, this study explored the perceptions of 13 Chinese language teachers of the difficulties and challenges of being Chinese teachers in Thailand. Online survey questionnaires and individual follow-up interviews were used to collect the data. Findings revealed that participants held a positive perception with regards to being Chinese language teachers in Thailand. Some reasons why they came to teach in Thailand included Thailand’s ancient culture and a chance to broaden their working experience and horizon. However, they also reported that the language barrier, lack of classroom management experience, and inappropriate textbooks for tertiary education hampered their teaching. The findings indicated that Chinese language teachers urgently need professional and ongoing training to ensure their teaching quality. In addition, further efforts for developing textbooks for higher education are demanded. 

Keywords: Chinese teachers, teaching in Thailand, volunteer teachers, teaching challenges, teaching motivation