Authors: Leandro A. Loyola and Mariano M. De Los Santos

Research Article

Year: 2021, Volume 21 Number 3

Pages: 1 – 12


This qualitative study focused on the documentation and analysis of the narratives on the diaspora stories of the overseas Filipino workers in Singapore in the contexts of their fear, opportunities, and management initiatives, viewed through management perspectives. The Filipino diaspora has gone global, having overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) present in all parts of the world. Push factors motivated many Filipinos to seek better job opportunities in developed countries such as Singapore. However, the length of stay is limited by the working pass. Narrative inquiry as a research design was used, and the data were collected through face-to-face interviews with the storytellers who are working in Singapore for five years and more under working pass. The narratives were themed and analyzed, and the results were inferred with the functions of management to surface the management perspectives. The storytellers were motivated by a better quality of life and a higher salary, and they fear the unknown and the uncertainties on their return home. As for opportunities, the storytellers consider putting a business in the future. For management initiatives, their employers provide programs for skills development. The narratives surfaced plausible inferences on the planning, leading, organizing, and controlling functions of management. The study concluded that the OFWs are adamant to return home because of the better quality of life in Singapore. They also give high regard to family and are strengthening their financial literacy. Their narratives led to recommendations for the multinational companies where they work to enhance their international management and leadership styles, establish stronger labor welfare, and consider distance employment. 

Keywords: return-home stories, management functions, management perspectives, narrative inquiry, overseas Filipino workers