Author: Manorom Kanokwan

Research Article

Year: 2021, Volume 21 Number 3

Pages: 260 – 274


The purpose of this study is to extend the debate about gender dynamics and the complexities of livestock ownership, production, and markets in rural Northeast Thailand. Particular attention is paid to gender norms in specific contexts, such as the transition between rural subsistence to a market-based economy, the diversification of livelihoods, and the prevalence of a matrilineal system. The data was obtained from qualitative methods. The researcher conducted in-depth interviews and non-participant observation with 25 key informants in Si Sa Ket Province of Thailand. The results show that a range of contextual factors influences the division of labor, as well as gender roles associated with beef cattle production and trading. The importance of women’s roles in the livestock sector is demonstrated, in contrast with the limited level of government support that is offered to poor and middle-income women. The paper concludes that gender mainstreaming may be better promoted via the use of sex-disaggregated data to enable a detailed analysis of the hierarchical positions of men and women in the beef cattle sector. 

Keywords: gender dynamics, complexities of ownership, Thailand