Authors: Nuntasaree Sukato and Sid Terason 

Research Article

Year: 2021, Volume 21 Number 2

Pages: 75 – 89


The study explored the hypothesized role of social networking site behavior in mediating the effect of customer orientation on innovation among hotel employees. The survey was conducted on a sample of 392 managers from some selected foreign chain hotels in Beijing and Shanghai, China. The participants were recruited using the multistage sampling method. Structural equation modeling was performed to assess the direct and mediating relationships. The measures were adapted from previous research and assessed for language accuracy through back-translation. The measures were found to have adequate internal consistency, reliability, and construct validity. Social networking site behavior was found to significantly mediate the relationship between customer orientation and innovation as hypothesized. The configured model appeared to represent an adequate fit to the data. The findings benefit the upscale hotel industry as hotel management will have a better understanding of the manager’s social networking site behavior and customer demand while promoting innovation creation in the hotel environment. 

Keywords: social networking site behavior, customer orientation, innovation, conservation of resources theory 



本研究旨在探讨社交网站行为在中介顾客导向对酒店员工创新的影响。该调查对来自北京和上海的一 些外国连锁酒店的392名经理进行了抽样调查。参与者采用多阶段抽样的方法。采用结构方程模型来评 估直接关系和中介关系。这些方法参考了前人研究,并通过反向翻译来评估语言的准确性。研究结果表 明,该方法具有良好的内部一致性、信度和结构效度。研究发现,社交网站行为在客户导向和创新之间 的关系中起到了显著的中介作用。所配置的模型似乎与数据高度吻合。调查结果有利于高端酒店行业。 酒店的管理层会更好的了解管理者的社交网站行为以及客户的需求,同时促进酒店环境中的创新创造。