Authors: Mark B. Ulla, William F. Perales, and Veronico N. Tarrayo

Research Article

Year: 2021, Volume 21 Number 2

Pages: 63 – 74


This article is premised on the identification of perceived benefits of various web applications in ELT classrooms among 20 English language teachers from four countries in the ASEAN region (i.e., Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam), the different issues they experienced, and the ways through which they mitigated these issues. Through in- depth semi-structured interviews, it was found that the teacher-participants perceived some pedagogical, operational, and dispositional benefits of using web applications. Despite this positive perception, different issues were also identified. This article concludes with a note on the importance of striking a balance between technology integration and teachers’ taking charge of the English language learning experience—a promising partnership, and the need for schools in the ASEAN region to ensure that there is proper planning and a clear policy on the integration of technology into the ELT classroom so that issues that may come along with it can be properly addressed. 

Keywords: ASEAN region, English language teaching, information and communication technology, language and technology, web applications for language learning