Author: Mark Ulla

Research Article

Year: 2021, Volume 21 Number 1 

Pages: 60 – 70


This study identifies news consumption practices, preferences, and motivations on social media platforms among 25 Filipino transnationals in Thailand using the lens of the news consumption model and the concept of transnationalism. Through in-depth semi-structured individual interviews and focus group discussion (FGD), findings revealed that besides routine surveillance of news consumption as commonly practiced by Filipino transnationals, other reasons why they consumed news on Facebook and YouTube are relational, personal, and social. Thus, this paper argues that Filipino transnationals in Thailand do not only consume news on social media platforms to be informed of the latest happenings, development, and political conditions in their home country, but also to reconnect with their families and friends, to relieve stress, and to feel a sense of home away from their homes. This present study offers new insight into the news consumption model, particularly in the context of transnationalism as studies of this kind are rarely conducted, especially in the Global South. 

Keywords: Filipino transnationals, news consumption, online news, Philippine news, social media news