Authors: Quynh T Nguyen, Louise Coventry, Scott McDonald, and Nthati Rametse

Research Article

Year: 2021, Volume 21 Number 1 

Pages: 84 – 101


This article examines differences in the propensity to engage in entrepreneurial activities among ethnically diverse women in Sơn La Province, a disadvantaged and mountainous rural area of Vietnam. Propensity for entrepreneurialism is examined by focusing on (a) women’s use of technology, (b) experiences of financial difficulties, and (c) propensity for risk-taking. Analyzing surveys completed by 135 women, we find that plans to start a business are equally apparent among women from diverse ethnic groups. We establish a positive association between levels of entrepreneurialism (practicing entrepreneurs, intending entrepreneurs, and non-entrepreneurs) and the use of technology. However, we find no association between entrepreneurialism and access to finance/financial difficulties or risk-taking. Women from very small ethnic minorities often report never using the Internet, and they seek loans from private lenders who charge relatively high interest rates. Our findings suggest a need for greater government investment in rural areas to increase women’s access to and use of technology. 

Keywords: ethnic minority women, entrepreneurship, use of technology, access to finance, risk-taking