Authors: Sung-Eun Cho and Young-Min Lee

Research Article

Year: 2021, Volume 21 Number 1 

Pages: 47 – 59


The objective of this study was to categorize jobs that elderly workers preferred for reemployment. To that end, this study employed Q methodology to examine job preferences among elderly workers after their primary jobs. based on the subjective perceptions of experts specializing in elderly worker outplacement and career counseling. This study also proposed implications for establishing policies related to elderly worker outplacement and employment services. Based on this study’s findings, the jobs preferred by elderly workers for reemployment were classified into the following four types: (a) the type preferring an experience-based job; (b) the type preferring a simple job appropriate for the elderly; (c) the type preferring a current job; and (d) the type preferring to remain in a leading job. Suggestions are presented regarding the direction of policies for elderly worker outplacement and employment services. 

Keywords: Elderly Worker, Outplacement, Bridge Job, Q Methodology