Author: Xiao Liu

Research Article

Year: 2020, Volume 20 Number 3

Page: 1-16


This paper reviews 482 SSCI English articles about the “Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)” with the bibliometric software Citespace. The visualization of country cooperation network and the geographical distribution of publications and funds demonstrate that international BRI studies are mainly carried out by countries along the routes of B&R (Belt and Road), with China, U.S.A., Australia, and the U.K. ranking as the top four in terms of research quantity and the number of international cooperation. Diachronically, the time-zone keyword display reveals the professionalization and reification of BRI research. The qualitative analysis of the top 40 high co-citation articles indicates three main research questions: the motivation of the initiative, the hegemony debate, and the potential opportunities and challenges. Besides, the Citespace keyword analysis proves the hypothesized correlation between the theme of the study and the national ideology of the author. Finally, suggestions for future study and further implementation of the initiative are given.

借助Citespace知识图谱软件,本文对482篇研究“一带一路”的SSCI英文期刊文献进行统计分析。通过 国家合作网络,基金和文章发表地理分布的可视化分析,作者发现国际相关研究主要由 “一带一路”沿 线国家展开,且以中国、美国、澳大利亚和英国的文章数目和国际合作研究数量居多。从历时视角来 看,时间区关键词分析揭示出“一带一路”研究专业化和具体化的发展趋势。在量化统计的基础上,对 40篇高共被引文献的质性分析得出三个主要研究问题:倡议动机、中国是否争霸,以及倡议实践的机 遇和挑战。此外,Citespace关键词分析证实了研究主题和作者意识形态之间存在关联的假设。最后, 基于量化统计和质性分析结果,提出“一带一路”国际研究趋势的预测和倡议推进的可行性建议。 关键词:一带一路 Citespace 国际期刊 知识图谱

Keywords: Belt and Road Initiative, Citespace, International journals, knowledge mapping