From the Editor

Author: Romeo B. Lee


Analysis of Issues Development in Asia-Pacific Economic

Authors: Maddaremmeng Panennungi, Rahadjeng Pulungsari, Evi Fitriani, Lily Tjahjandari, Surjadi and Padang Wicaksono

Research Article


Mobile Phones and Business Networks among Malaysian Micro and
Small Enterprises: A comparative network approach

Authors: Tom Erik Julsrud and Ma. Divina Gracia Z. Roldan

Research Article


Exploring the Relationship Between Online Comments Usage and
Civic Engagement in South Korea

Authors: Kyung Han You, MiSun Lee and Sohyun Oh

Research Article


Of Counter-Hegemonic Narratives and Fragmented Identities

Author: Diana Therese M. Veloso

Book Review