Author: Thammarat Marohabutr

Research Article

Year: 2020, Volume 20 Number 4

Page: 150–163


This study reviews the development of Thailand’s Medical Hub policy and explores the recommendations and proposals for operational integration of the Medical Hub policy to mitigate the impact on the national health system, including exemplification of the medical personnel shortage in the public sector and the potential brain drain to the private sector. The scope of this study covers the implementation of the first strategic plan, “Medical Hub of Asia (2004–2008)” and the second strategic plan, “Thailand as a World Class Health Care Provider (2010–2014).” This study investigates secondary information on Thailand’s Medical Hub policy from official documents and research. It also employs purposive sampling of select experts and experienced professionals from the public and private sectors and civil society who are pertinent to the implementation of the Medical Hub policy to participate in the in-depth interviews. Inclusively, the Medical Hub policy should be implemented based on the engagement of the public and private sectors and civil society to reduce the impact on Thailand’s national health system.

Keywords: medical tourism, Medical Hub, recommendation, operational integration, health system, Thailand