Authors: Carlo Miguel C. Saavedra and Reynaldo A. Bautista, Jr.

Research Article

Year: 2020, Volume 20 Number 2

Pages: 106-118


This research explored the effect of fear of missing out (FoMO) on Generation Z’s consumption behavior of masstige brand apparel. Partial least squares – structural equation modeling was used in this study. This study used random sampling to select 307 respondents in the target age group of 16–27 from De La Salle University. In the overall framework, results showed that FoMO affected motivation (with p-values ≤ 0.05). Furthermore, FoMO significantly affected the belief- based constructs of Theory of Planned Behavior, except for behavior and perceived behavioral control. The study suggests that marketers should strive to develop strategies and FoMO appeals that manipulate Generation Z consumers’ motivation to purchase masstige brand apparel. This present study shows that the construct of FoMO affects the deliberative process of the purchasing behavior of Generation Z consumers. Furthermore, the study leads the way for further study in the concept of FoMO.

Keywords: self-determination theory, structural equation modeling, theory of planned behavior, FoMO, Fear of Missing Out