Author: Jean Paolo G. Lacap

Research Article

Year: 2020, Volume 20 Number 1

Pages: 78–90


The study aims to explore how economic experiential value, measured through consumer return on investment (CROI), affects attendees’ emotions, and these emotions affect their level of satisfaction. Moreover, the present study also examines how satisfaction influences attendees’ loyalty and their intention to recommend the event and the mediating role of loyalty on satisfaction-intention to recommend the relationship. The participants of the study were the attendees of Sisig Fiesta of Angeles City, and they were identified using a purposive sampling technique. A correlational-predictive research design was employed, and a partial least squares – structural equation modeling (PLS-SEM) was utilized to measure the parameter estimates. The findings revealed that CROI influences positive and negative emotions and satisfaction. Positive emotions were also found to be significantly and positively related to satisfaction. Moreover, satisfaction was significantly and positively related to loyalty and intention to recommend. A significant and positive relationship was also observed between loyalty and intention to recommend. The mediation analysis showed that loyalty acts as a mediator between satisfaction and intention to recommend a food-related event such as the Sisig Fiesta. Implications of the study and future research direction were also presented in the study.

Keywordsexperiential value, consumer return on investment, emotions, satisfaction, loyalty, intention to recommend, food-related event