Author:  Quang Anh Phan

Research Article

Year: 2019, Volume 19 Number 3

Pages: 1-15


This paper touches upon the chronological contexts that set the basis for the foundation and development of the Internet—which is considered the blood veins system allowing the existence and operation of online games in Vietnam. These contexts include (1) the reform that allowed Vietnam to transit from a closed, state-centered economy to a market economy with which the development of information technology was considered one of the four primary pillars of the new economic policy system, (2) the lifting of economic embargo and diplomacy the U.S. set after the Vietnam War, and notably (3) the introduction of the Internet which could be observed through the timeline of policy-making process. The focus of this paper is to examine several key policies that made conditions to the establishment and expansion of internet services in Vietnam.

Keywords: entertainment, internet, online gaming, post-doi moi, Vietnam