Authors: Maria Louise Liancee C. Santos and Maurice R. Villafranca

Research Article

Year: 2019, Volume 19 Number 2

Page: 80–98


This study utilized a Straussian grounded theory approach to create a theory of being and becoming a tattooed person. Co-researchers were chosen using purposive and snow-balling sampling. A semi-structured interview was audio- recorded. This study answered the grand tour question “What does it mean to be a person with tattoos?” The data was meticulously transcribed, coded, and analyzed using constant comparative analysis. The findings revealed that there were quite a few changes that happened after acquiring a tattoo. Changes in physical, social, emotional, and mental aspect were shown. However, the perception of the society about tattoos was explored wherein those in favor of tattooing urges others to acquire tattoos, yet negative ideas are still associated with tattoos like delinquency. Prejudice and its psychological and social effects were also tackled in this study. Moreover, there were concepts and roots expounded in uncovering the decision making in undergoing tattoo. Thus, 13 categories emerged from the data and were connected and analyzed to create a successful theoretical grounding and process on becoming a tattooed person.

Keywords: tattoo, tattooing, tattooed person, society, grounded theory