Author: Jean Paolo G. Lacap

Research Article

Year: 2019, Volume 19 Number 1

Pages: 33-48


The study investigates the mediating effect of employee engagement on the transformational leadership and intention to quit relationship. The participants of the study were employees (teaching and non-teaching staff) from three local colleges in Pampanga, Philippines, and they were selected using convenience sampling technique. The study employed a quantitative research design and a causal research approach to measure the relationships of employee engagement, transformational leadership, and intention to quit. Using partial least squares-structural equation modeling (PLS-SEM), the findings revealed that transformational leadership has a significant and negative effect on intention to quit. Moreover, there is also a significant and positive relationship between transformational leadership and employee engagement. Regarding employee engagement and intention to quit, the results indicated that these two constructs are significantly and negatively related. The mediation model also suggested that employee engagement mediates the negative relationship of transformational leadership and intention to quit with small effect size. Implications of the study in organizations and the directions for future research were also provided.


Keywords: transformational leadership, employee engagement, intention to quit, mediation model, partial least squares, SEM