Author: Sukhumpong Channuwong

Research Article

Year: 2018, Volume 18 Number 3

Pages: 43-56


Modern organizations focus on improving organizations’ strategies to be relevant to good governance principles in order to create organizational justice, which is considered as one of the most important factors to increase harmony, unity, loyalty, employee satisfaction, employee commitment, and job satisfaction. This paper investigates a relationship between good governance principles and organizational justice. The study uses the quantitative approach and the research questionnaire is used as an instrument to collect the data. The samples used in this study were 392 participants who work as Bangkok government officials. The research findings revealed that good governance principles are positively related with and have an influence on organizational justice. In particular, rule of law is highly related with transparency, and has the highest influence on organizational justice. Moreover, it was found that Thai public agencies usually apply the principle of economy; however, this principle is not the factor than can create organizational justice. Details about an implementation of good governance principles and organizational justice are also presented in this paper.