Authors: Pichit Chuenban and Sudaporn Sawmong

Research Article

Year: 2018, Volume 18 Number 2

Pages: 34–48


Thailand has often been referred to as “kitchen of the world” whose food industry represents over 20% of its gross domestic production (GDP). As part of this, Thailand’s seafood processing industry is now ranked fourth globally, contributing over US$6.5 billion to the economy. The researchers, therefore, set out to investigate the impact of consumers’ attitudes, product quality, value, branding, and product identity on five nationally recognized canned seafood product brands. Using systematic random sampling, 400 questionnaires were collected from consumers shopping at five Bangkok metropolitan area supermarkets. A confirmatory factor analysis was first used, followed by structural equation modeling to analyze the interrelationships of the five constructs. Results showed that all variables influenced identity, which included attitude, value, brand, and quality (0.90, 0.53, 0.50, and 0.25, respectively).