Author: Penchan Pradubmook-Sherer and Moshe Sherer

Research Article

Year 2016, Volume 16 Number 2
Pages: 49-64


The aim of this study was to learn about rates of witnessing violence among high school students in Thailand, with special emphasis on the country’s Southern Muslim provinces where ongoing terror reflects their struggle for independence. Seventh to 10th grade students were randomly sampled from three areas of Thailand, representing inner cities, rural areas, and the Muslim-dominated South. The sample consisted of 1,305 youths: 763 (58.5%) females. Rates of witnessing violence are high among Thai youths, and are similar to those reported in the USA. The highest rates were found in the Southern Muslim provinces, especially in their homes and communities, and were higher among males than among females. The rural areas scored high on some of the witnessing violence variables, reflecting the changes taking place in the rural areas of Thailand. The results were analyzed in light of political, religious and cultural reasons related to youth witness violence in Thailand.

Keywords: violence, youth, cultural and political influences, Muslim, Thailand