Authors: Chalermpol Chamchan and Sirinan Kittisuksathit

Research Article

Year: 2019, Volume 19 Number 1

Pages: 49-65


Retaining the talented employee in the workplace has become a human resources concern of countries around the globe. This study aims to investigate and compare factors underlying intent to stay and intent to leave the current employer by Generation Y (Gen Y) employees in Thailand. Data were obtained from a large-scale survey conducted in 2013. A total of 4,100 Gen Y employees aged 20–29 years old were included. The work-life balance factors were defined in the analysis framework, providing more insightful understandings about Gen Y’s preferences and values towards their work-life. Binary logistic regression analysis revealed that perceived satisfaction on a job promotion, organizational support and (feeling of) ownership, and work/personal-life balance significantly increased the intent to stay and lowered the intent to leave the current employer. Compensation satisfaction did not influence the intent to stay but significantly reduced the intent to leave. Contrary to prior expectations, personal growth in career development and work/family-life balance were found not to be associated with the intent to stay but, instead, were accelerating factors of the intent to leave. Job involvement and organizational culture had no influence either on the intent to stay with or the intent to leave the current employer.


Keywords: Generation Y, employee retention, human resource, work-life balance, Thailand